Montreal street art

I’m visiting Montreal this week, and stumbled into a neighborhood with amazing street art.  The variety of style, subject matter, color choices, and artistic skill is really incredible!   This … Continue Reading →

Polyphony Marimba


I passed by this group near Central Square, Cambridge yesterday. What vibrant, fun music! There are seven marimbas playing here, including a massive bass – it’s on the riser in … Continue Reading →

T player

Music on the T

There are a few really good performers that frequent the Boston transit system (known as the “T”).    This guy was a new arrival on the scene, I’d never seen … Continue Reading →


Boston Marathon, part 1

This has taken me nearly a year to be able to look through these photos.   As the anniversary approaches of the terrifying events of the Marathon bombings April 15, 2013, … Continue Reading →


Winter beauty

I love where I live. This is some imagery of what happens when it snows on the neighborhood pond. I love the diverse texture and line, a new way to … Continue Reading →


The lotus grows in mud

I’m typically a good “traveller,” but a bad “tourist”.   On my first trip to India, I managed to spend several months without ever making it to one of the country’s … Continue Reading →

100_1169-chiangmai-street market

Chiang Mai Night Markets

Thai market places have a vibrant atmosphere. Not just a place for buying and selling goods, these markets are a cultural phenomenon. You are surrounded by sounds, images, food & drink, … Continue Reading →


A touch of summer

So many of my postings are about experiences from international travel, but sometimes I stop to appreciate what’s in my own back yard.  Also, with our chilly winter temperatures recently, … Continue Reading →



I enjoy maps.   Not GPS, not iphones, not google.  But actual, physical, concrete (literal or figurative!) maps.  A great episode of This American Life explores mapping, and different ways that … Continue Reading →

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 2.39.05 AM


This week’s post is going to be a combination of ‘process’ and ‘backstory’. I was originally planning to simply upload a follow-up video to my last post about Heidelburg, as … Continue Reading →


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